Members of Journey Family Receive Awards from the Association for Child & Youth Care Practice

Following in the footsteps of Journey Fellows in previous years, Journey fellows and staff were awarded several awards by The Association of Child & Youth Care Practice (ACYCP) at the 2019 award reception in Milwaukee.

The Dr. Carol Kelly Newcomers Award honors the memory of an early founder of ACYCP and recognizes professionals who have made early achievements and contributions. Two hoosiers received the award:

Melita Carter, a 2018 Journey NewPro, is a Youth Development Facilitator at the Peace Learning Center in Indianapolis. Carter, is also experienced as an artist and poet, and most recently launched a business about Cultivating Young Entrepreneurs revolving around a Royal Sno truck in Indy.

Dr. Emma Carter, a 2018 Journey NewPro, is a clinical psychologist at Adult&child Health in central Indiana.  She is a supervising psychologist and also holds an HSPP (Health Service Provider in Psychology) designation.

The ACYCP Child and Youth Care Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes leaders and professionals for their sustained contributions to the profession. Three Indiana leaders were awarded the distinction:

Janet Wakefield, a leader and founder of The Journey, is the Chief Exploration Officer for the organization, and has devoted her professional life to growing the field of youth work. Throughout her career, she has also made extensive contributions in the areas of youth empowerment, youth philanthropy and non-profit leadership as a facilitator and advocate.

Clara Anderson, a 2006 Executive Journey Fellow, retired as an executive Vice President of the Children’s Bureau, Inc. in Indianapolis. Over an extensive career, Clara has been a pioneer and advocate in the areas of foster care and adoption. In Indiana, she served as the chair of the Indiana Disproportionality Committee, addressing equity for youth in education, child welfare, juvenile correction and mental health.

Tom Plake, a leader and creator of The Journey, is the Chief Experience Officer for the organization, and has committed his work to helping leaders and organizations grow.  He has served for decades as a speaker, coach, facilitator and leader to professionals who want to make a difference in the world.

These awards are continued evidence that Indiana is a state of strong leaders, advocates, and contributors who are working to improve the lives of young people and those who serve them.

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