Thank you for your interest in our Reimagining Renewal Project

We are eager to work with a highly capable and caring professional partner that can help us reimagine our work.


The proposal acceptance period is now over and submitted proposals are under consideration.


Please download the RFP using the link below for more complete information.

Question and Answer Zoom – held January 5, 2023

On January 5th, a zoom call was conducted for potential consultants to get questions answered for further clarification.

During the zoom call, we offered that if you have clarifying questions as you are writing your proposal, please submit them using the same email provided in the RFP: (proposals “at” We will post your question and any answers we provide on this webpage for all to reference.

Submitted Questions:

(1) “We are finalizing the budget and want to know if we should add pricing for:

  • Expert who come in? Should we add travel, meeting space, and a stipend or is that a different budget?
    • Answer: Please include any pricing related to bringing in experts and/or creating curriculum, as there is not a separate budget
  • Updated curriculum? We will make recommendations based on the two meetings we would like to hold, but is the future curriculum writing in a different budget or does in need to be included here? If it belongs in a different budget, would it be helpful to know our pricing structure up front?
    • Answer: Please include any pricing related to bringing in experts and/or creating curriculum, as there is not a separate budget.
  • (Follow up to answer above) When you refer to “creating curriculum” for the first two bullets, is this related to the expert retreat (i.e. meetings within the Reimagining Renewal) or future Journey programs?
    • My use of the phrase “creating curriculum” was just in reference to your bullet two, and I am suggesting that you should include pricing for identifying / developing / updating the curriculum to whatever extent you feel is appropriate in your proposal (meaning the “curriculum” for The Journey in 2024 to whatever detail is appropriate to provide in the proposal to our funder).
  • Facilitation at new The Journey events? Can you let us know if that needs to be included here too?
    • Answer: If you are referring to Journey events during this Reimagining Renewal year, please include. If you are referring to participation in future Journey programs that are created as a result of this project, you may provide pricing structure for info purposes, but that is not required.
  • Finally, what about any expectations for facilitation or events in 2023? Is everything on hold this year or do we need to facilitate in this calendar season?”
    • Answer: We are expecting that proposals will include plans and pricing for events in 2023 as they would be core to the work of Reimagining Renewal. In case it was not clear, new Fellowships are not being conducted in 2023, so all events to be held would involve the wider community and be focused on Reimagining Renewal and/or actual renewal for participants.

Important Dates:

Fri, December 16, 2022       RFP issued and available
Thu, January 5, 2023           Project Question and Answer Session on Zoom  3pm-4pm EST
Fri, January 20, 2023           DEADLINE: Proposals due 5pm EST
Week of January 2023         Firms available for questions about their proposals
Wed, February 1, 2023        Awarded proposal(s) announced (latest)

Any edits, clarifications or updates to the issued RFP will be provided via this web page.
Answers to questions and further clarification of the project may be provided during the Project Q&A Zoom on January 5, 2023