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The Journey is home to several personal and professional development programs for current and prospective youth workers in Indiana and around the country. The Journey is about those who have a passion for serving young people — both practicing professionals and students who are considering making youth work part of their career.

It is leadership and career development, personal and professional renewal, and learning experiences focused on the individual, their organization and professions. It’s about…

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Fellowship Programs…

Since 2002, The Journey has hosted professional development programs designed to help aspiring students and practicing professionals begin and renew their careers in youth development. These core fellowships, along with The International Youth Worker Exchange, The Leadership Symposium on the Sea, and numerous other initiatives have created a larger Journey community of youth development leaders who are influencing the possibilities for young people in Indiana and beyond.

…For Students and Explorers

The Journey Fellowship for Explorers in Youth Work provides a unique opportunity for students, part-time youth workers and volunteers to explore full-time careers working with youth while becoming more grounded and confident in who they are.  Explorers have job shadowed professionals, explored the competencies of effective youth work and completed internships that enabled them to explore vocational possibilities for themselves in the field. The Journey Scholars Program recognizes distinguished students in youth development and support them in their first year of employment. Currently, The Journey is partnering with Indiana University Northwest School of Social Work, The Indiana University School of Public Health and Butler University to support junior year students in their career exploration and  graduating seniors as they seek to transition into the field as working professionals.

…For Executives

The Executive Journey Fellowship is a year-long program for youth-serving professionals of influence. Each year up to 30 leading youth workers are nominated and selected to create a learning community and attend four in-state retreats to invest in their own personal growth and professional development. The intention is to help transform the profession and field of youth work by grounding leaders in who they are, building a professional community, and inspiring the beliefs of those who dream and do on behalf of young people.

…For Professionals

The Journey Fellowship for Professionals in Youth Work allows early to mid-career youth workers an opportunity to join with an energized group of peers in order to ground themselves in who they are and their important work. These leaders explore what it takes to bring the best of themselves to the profession and the young people they serve.

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